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ForestDhammaTalks hosts talks on Dhamma given by western Buddhist monks (bhikkhus) in the lineage of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto (1870–1949) who, with Lungphu Sao Kantasilo, founded the Thai forest tradition. The talks have been made available for people intent on the serious practice of the Dhamma.

Most of the talks were given by Ajahn Martin Piyadhammo, a German bhikkhu ordained in 1995, and some were given by Ajahn Paññavaddho (1925–2004) who was one of the first western monks ordained in Thailand in the Thai Forest Tradition. Both stayed at Wat Pa Baan Taad for many years under the guidance of Luangta Mahā Bua (1913–2011) who was widely considered to be the successor of Lungphu Mun.

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30-10-09 If we just could understand the Truth of dukkha! ***
16-11-16 Make meditation your number 1 priority
4-01-17 What exactly is sati?
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29-09-19 We are here to change things – For good!
27-09-19 If knowledge could set us free we wouldn’t need to meditate
22-09-19 The many benefits of Asubha meditation...
15-09-19 Get interested how this mind-engine works
9-09-19 The kilesas make us believe we are them
3-09-19 The moment we die we have nothing left but our kamma
1-09-19 Learning to use the principle of anatta
28-08-19 How many lives does it take to become an Arahant?
25-08-19 Meditating in a monastery makes a difference
23-08-19 We see what we want to see, but it’s not reality!
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Recommended talks (2007 to 2010) 22 talks - 627MB
Guided meditation & metta 11 talks - 221MB
Talks to newly ordained monks (2013) 10 talks - 304MB
Retreat in Loei (2009) 9 talks - 257MB
Talks of September 2019 7 talks - 287
Talks of August 2019 7 talks - 131
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