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ForestDhammaTalks hosts talks on Dhamma given by western Buddhist monks (bhikkhus) of the Thai forest tradition ... read more

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27-12-19 Stream-entry: a moment that changes your life
30-10-09 If we just could understand the Truth of dukkha! ***
16-11-16 Make meditation your number 1 priority
4-01-17 What exactly is sati?
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29-12-19 Why do we let the kilesas trample all over us?
27-12-19 Stream-entry: a moment that changes your life
25-12-19 Let’s learn the tricks of the magician-avijja
22-12-19 Working to be alive... but forgetting to live
20-12-19 Life is very simple. Only WE make it complicated
18-12-19 Anicca, anatta, dukkha - the three doors to Nibbana
15-12-19 Buddhism is the only religion which opens the gate to the deathless
13-12-19 How to deal with restlessness
11-12-19 Judging others for our own doing – not ourselves
6-12-19 Hell is our most likely destination
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Recommended talks (2007 to 2010) 22 talks - 627MB
Guided meditation & metta 11 talks - 221MB
Talks to newly ordained monks (2013) 10 talks - 304MB
Retreat in Loei (2009) 9 talks - 257MB
Talks of December 2019 12 talks - 356MB
Talks of November 2019 8 talks - 173MB
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Forest Leaves
A selection of Ajahn Martin's talks
Feuilles de Forêt (French translation)

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